You made one a day 
'Til there was nothing below.
You found new ways of doing old things,
But they would not complain.

I made one some time ago
And cried knowing there was so much above. 
I found old ways of doing new things, 
But they would not complain. 

You built a fortress protecting a peg,
You conquered fire and lightning to light a cigar,
You toiled and sweated 'til the wicker was singed,
And crafted a folly worth full weight in gold. 

I built a trinket holding a life, 
I dabbled with flint wishing bright sparks would fly, 
I toiled and sweated 'til the candle was gone, 
And crafted a forest lost behind trees. 

Does it matter blood is blue,
But the gentian red? 
Let's have them argue 
'Til the bone dries and decays. 

I once was like you
And maybe you just like me.
Good luck with the stones, lay them all well,
But I will not care your kingdom to see! 

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