Asphalt yields to shrieking bursts of heat,
And so betrays decay lying at its core. 
The crowd faints in permeating fumes, 
And she's just started for the day. 

Tea is ready. Close the window. It’s midday. Are you crazy?

A single cypress blocks the heat.
Shadow turns insufficient from oblique. 
Needles witness torrid death
Of a lizard craving foolish heat.

When are you going to fix the fan? I can’t even take my siesta. It’s so hot. God must be punishing us.

She takes a life, she's tried so hard.
She takes many when she's tried the least.
Mechanics die; she doesn't care 
One day she will break down too. 

Are you finished writing? Let’s go out, it’s cooling down.

Time has witnessed her idle and intense, 
And oil made of lizards and incense. 
And only time will get to see
Her fat, boiling, and enraged. 

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